The 47 Asian bodybuilding and physique sports championships.Ho Chi Minh, VietnamAugust 30, 2013

This summer in Uzbekistan is very  hot, it is a time to toast on the beach and relax . But our athletes will remember it summer as relentless training in 40 degree heat and extreme drying. And these heroic sacrifices were not in vain. By the very end of summer they were waited by Vietnam.

Hospitable country, hosting 47th Asian Championship on bodybuilding and fitness under the auspices of the World Federation of WBPF. We cannot say that this sporting event is a novelty for our members. There were historical efforts into this level of competition already, and even with the brightest victory.

But a team visit of athletes of several categories consisting of 6 persons – is a new stage in the development of the domestic bodybuilding and big achievement of the new bodybuilding federation of the republic. In this regard a special thanks to the Administration of the Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan for support provided in organizing this presentation.

The main goal was to win, of course. And we got it – a gold medal in the category of athlete – figure of our bodybuilder – Alexander Sakharov. But not least important was the acquisition of experience of international competition at this level. The fourth place of our athletes – Lyudmila Bogatir , was a result of lack of physical education and a lack of information about the rules of speaking and posing by many recognitions.

Female bodybuilding is a gimmick for of our locations. Therefore it was not just the first international appearance for Ludmila, but generally the first in her career. So it will be considered as a first zeroing , waiting and no doubt that she has a high-profile victories at the next events.

Very busy schedule of performances , almost non-stop psychological pressure in an atmosphere of emotional interaction with dozens of delegations from other countries are not allowed to have a little time for sightseeing of the beautiful city of Ho Chi Minh.
However, the trip took place, and managed to grasp , even by the corner of eyes, the Independence Day of Vietnam , local attractions and even a birthday party of a general secretary of the Federation of WBPF – the beloved Mr. Datuk Paul Chua.

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