PROFORM Classic Festival – Night of Champions 2013Tashkent, UzbekistanApril 13, 2013

It was a roaring night. Night that will be remembered for a long time … The Night of Champions!

There are still a lot of dramatic events and exciting moments – the festival of power sports by PROFORM Classic is in full swing. But for real fans of bodybuilding the most important thing such as the battle of the best athletes of Uzbekistan and Flex Wheeler has been happened. Together at one hall of the Turkistan palace. And even on the same scene, if not as a battle for the title, but only at the awarding ceremony with Flex Wheeler! A legend of the world bodybuilding is in Tashkent. It incredibly sharpened the struggle, and the intensity of emotions of auditorium periodically tests the cooling system. But the athletes themselves … they just melt on the scene as the chocolate figures, shimmering and sparkling under the searing lights and hot look of their fans.

But not only Flex Wheeler and tournament winners were the heroes of this day. Specifically for the tournament, “Night of Champions”, the delegation of the International Federation WBPF \ ABBF headed by Mr. Datuk Paul Chua, General secretary and European representatives Mrs. Ildiko Buranits, Maris Sveiduks and Talap Imatalievym, the executive director of the Kazakh federation arrived. In a festive atmosphere, and a never-ending applause, they present an official letters of the entry of the National Federation to the international organization to Mr. Dmitry Adisman, the president of Uzbek Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness and Mr. Timur Sabirov, the Vice President. Furthermore, the executive staff and panel of judges of the National Federation were awarded with certificates and diplomas by WBPF and personally Flex Wheeler.

And then began something that throughout the year, preparing all the fans of bodybuilding of Uzbekistan, mentally and physically. Ten of the strongest on the stage and in the first few minutes, even the most experienced judges tried to fix the picture in mind, grabbing some fragments of this kaleidoscope of biceps, quadriceps and presses that suddenly filled all visible space. Well, the audience … The audience exploded just at the sight of all this incredible pile of muscles! Fans voices were breaking, trying to call out the name of a favorite athlete, and at the same time making it clear – strangers, casual onlookers is not here. Only those for whom the bodybuilding and fitness – is a lifestyle and favorite hobby!

After the first “pressing”, six athletes were left and, suddenly, by the command of DJ Azamat, jumping off the podium, they were on the very edge of the stage. Full light, powerful music and the onslaught of muscles at the same time hit the stalls. Momentary confusion and another wave of audience emotions, rushing with the gallery, pressed them back to the platform, where a moment later turned serious fight for the final.

And then, finally, the three athletes that have passed through the first two rounds. Their names are known to all lovers of bodybuilding of Uzbekistan, but now they are known to Flex Wheeler, who applauded them, do not hide delight. Habibullo Nizamov, Pavell Umurzakov and Armen Pashikyan. Charged as racing cars and tensed as the Titans, holding up the vault of heaven, they are confident of victory. Each in his own. At this point, the force of logic has no power over the power of passion, dreams, and faith. But, the truth is always the same, and the winner, too. His fate is in the hands of the jury and, as always, impartially his verdict – bronze is awarded to big Xabi, our domestic Schwarzenegger, whose chiseled muscles and amazing weight does not impress anyone, including judges. Summed up the leg, stopping the progress of the spirit away from his goal. When that same thing happened with Flex Wheeler, he was able to overcome this disadvantage, and just in one year, turned his shin of confounding factors into the object of pride. I’m sure Habibullo knows what to do and next time nothing will stop him on his way to the top.

Silver was given to Pavel Umurzakov. As during the last night of Champions … It would seem that it in the habit .. Then we are also delighted with the form and skills of the participants, hitherto not seen in our area. Unfortunately, the progress is inexorable. Now we look at the results already with the new, higher position. Do you remember how you looked at your first iPhone? Let’s imagine that in front of you is a line of Galaxy 4, but different shades. And Pasha also made a stunning breakthrough. He was not the same, worn out fighting, and dried to the bone Spartacus, plunged into shock all the fans. He dramatically increased the diagonal and now his body was not just turned from red wood and cast titanium. Shoulders, arms, hips – all just mounds and rolled, in anticipation of the last fight. But improvised posing has completed the final picture of the renewed body of Paul Umurzakov.

What prevented him to snatch victory in this fight? Perhaps, that the judges are used to seeing him as a dried parchment, with dazzling separation and pressure, which could be rolled up under the ribs. May be the back, and the whole rear of the body that are not ripe for explosive growth in the facade. Or maybe it was Armen Pashikyan, who immediately showed everyone that the title of overall winner and strongest athletes of Uzbekistan, held them over the last year, do not give to anyone, even if it means he will have to fight for real. His lightning strikes through the air, flips and splits during random posing lucidly informed pledged deep essence in them to all the competitors and judges. Well, Flex Wheeler, who knows and loves to demonstrate his flexibility and application side of muscles in combat, of course, got a lot of pleasure from the spectacle.

Then of course, there were many flowers and greetings, cash prizes and gifts. There were stunning girls from PROFORM, without whom this festival would be too masculine, as well as there were various shows and a little understatement. As an interesting show, when at the end of the next series is already looking to continue waiting, trying to see into the future. What will happen next? What famous athletes will make, what new monsters of mass we will see on scene, and of course – who “beat” and be able to win Pashikyan? But it’s already the next time …


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